When Does Season 5 of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Come Out on Netflix?

Do you want to know when the fifth season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ is coming out on Netflix? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to help and I understand how much of a fan favorite this show is. As an avid binge watcher myself, I can relate to the anticipation of waiting for a new season– it feels like forever!

But don’t worry, in this article we’ll discuss everything from when the fifth season will be available on Netflix, what type of content fans can expect to see this time around, and other interesting tidbits about OITNB that I’m sure every fan has been wondering about. So get ready for your dose of nostalgia as we dive into all things Orange Is The New Black Season 5!

Release Date of Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black

The release of season 5 of Orange Is the New Black is one that many fans have been eagerly anticipating. The show, which has gained a massive following since its debut on Netflix in 2013, follows the lives of women incarcerated in a federal prison. It’s known for its raw portrayal of life behind bars and its diverse cast.

So when can we expect to see season 5? Well, Netflix announced that it will be released on June 9th, 2017. This news was met with excitement from fans all over the world who have been waiting patiently for new episodes. What’s interesting about this season is that it takes place over just three days rather than spanning several months like previous seasons.

With so much anticipation surrounding this release date, it’s clear that people are invested in the stories and characters depicted on Orange Is the New Black. Fans have grown to love these women despite their misdeeds and mistakes, recognizing them as complex individuals with unique experiences and perspectives.

As we count down the days until June 9th, there’s plenty to look forward to – new plot twists, character developments, and emotional moments that will keep us engaged throughout every episode. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering this show now, get ready for another incredible journey into the lives of these captivating inmates!

Plot Developments and Storylines for Season 5

As fans eagerly anticipate the much-awaited fifth season of their favorite TV show, speculation and rumors about potential plot developments and storylines have been circulating for quite some time now. It’s always exciting to see how writers and producers will continue to build on the characters and world they’ve created, so let’s take a closer look at what we might expect in Season 5.

Firstly, with many cliffhangers left unresolved in the previous season finale, it seems likely that these storylines will be addressed in Season 5. Fans are hoping for more insight into certain character backgrounds or relationships that were hinted at but never fully explored. Additionally, unexpected twists like sudden deaths or betrayals could keep audiences on their toes.

Another aspect to consider is setting. Will our beloved characters stay put in familiar environments or venture out into new territories? Perhaps there will be a shift in tone from previous seasons – maybe there will be darker themes explored or more emphasis placed on action sequences rather than dialogue-heavy scenes.

Finally, fan theories abound when it comes to character development! Will certain protagonists turn into antagonists? Will any previously unseen family members make an appearance? The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring character arcs – every choice made by a writer can change the trajectory of a storyline entirely!

In conclusion, while there is no guarantee as to what exactly we can expect from Season 5 just yet (and ultimately only time will tell), one thing is for sure: loyal viewers cannot wait to see where this epic journey takes us next! Whether you’re excited for romance subplots or political intrigue (or both!), rest assured that there’s bound to be something juicy waiting around every corner. So grab some popcorn and settle down – this upcoming season promises not only thrills but also surprises galore!

Returning Cast Members and New Additions in Season 5

Fans of the hit show are eagerly anticipating the return of some beloved characters in Season 5, as well as the introduction of new faces to shake things up. The cast has been busy filming over the past few months and rumors have been flying about what we can expect from this exciting season.

First off, fans will be thrilled to hear that a number of fan-favorite characters will be returning to our screens. Perhaps most excitingly, XYZ is set to make their triumphant comeback after being absent for several seasons. Their reappearance is sure to stir up plenty of drama and excitement among fans who have been missing them dearly.

Another familiar face we’ll see again this season is ABC – they featured prominently in earlier seasons but haven’t made an appearance recently. It remains unclear exactly what role they’ll play in Season 5, but fans are already buzzing with anticipation at just the thought of seeing them on screen once more.

Of course, it’s not all about returning favorites – there are also some intriguing new additions joining the cast this year! One name that’s been making waves online is LMN; though details about their character are scarce, insiders say that they’re set for a major storyline arc and could quickly become another beloved fixture on the show.

Meanwhile DEF has also signed onto the cast list for Season 5 amid much speculation about what their role might entail. Fans have long hoped for DEF’s involvement with this show so expectations will surely be high when viewers finally get a glimpse into how he fits into everything going down in town!

With so many old friends coming back into our lives while fresh faces join us too, it looks like Season 5 promises non-stop action and intrigue from start to finish! We can hardly wait until we get our first taste – bring on premiere night!

How to Watch and Stream Orange Is the New Black on Netflix

Orange Is the New Black is a popular comedy-drama TV series that has been streaming on Netflix for seven seasons now. The show follows the story of Piper Chapman, who is sentenced to prison for transporting drug money across international borders. If you are a fan of Orange Is the New Black and wish to catch up on it or watch it from scratch, there are numerous ways you can do so.

The first step in watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix is to have access to a valid Netflix account. You can either create an account by visiting their website or use an already existing one if you have subscribed previously. Once you’ve signed into your account, type “Orange Is the New Black” into the search bar located at the top right corner of your screen, and click enter. Alternatively, scroll down until “TV Shows” appears then select “Comedies”. There should be an option there for “OITNB”.

After clicking enter or selecting OITNB under comedies, all episodes available for streaming will appear on your screen in sequential order according to season number and episode number respectively. Clicking any episode allows you to view its summary along with ratings and reviews submitted by other viewers who have watched that particular episode.

If you’d like more information about this series before committing yourself fully then check out some reviews online beforehand; most critics highly recommend watching Orange Is The New Black because it’s witty while still being socially aware.

In conclusion, catching up with Orange Is The New Black shouldn’t be too difficult provided that you’ve got access to a valid Netflix subscription – with which everything else falls into place quite simply – just type “Orange is the new black” into their easy-to-use search engine box found within each user’s personal dashboard area!

Comparing Season 5 with Previous Seasons: Audience Reception and Critical Reviews

Season 5 of any TV show is crucial as it can make or break a franchise. Fans have high expectations and anticipation for what’s to come. In this case, we will be comparing Season 5 of various TV shows with their previous seasons in terms of audience reception and critical reviews.

Let’s start with Game of Thrones. The fifth season had mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Some praised the show for its plot twists, while others criticized it for deviating too much from the books’ storyline. However, despite mixed reactions, Game of Thrones still managed to draw an enormous audience that kept coming back for more.

Next up is Breaking Bad – another iconic series that wrapped up its final season in 2013-14. Critics heaped praise on Season 5 while the audience was left mesmerized by Walter White’s transformation into a ruthless meth kingpin. The tension throughout each episode built at such a pace that made audiences desperate to see what happens next.

Finally, let’s talk about The Walking Dead – based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series – which premiered in October 2010 and has been running strong ever since (as well as spin-offs). The first four seasons garnered positive acclaim from both fans and critics but began receiving criticism during its fifth season when some felt like the storylines were dragging out too long; however many stuck around through loyalty or curiosity with no signs slowing down anytime soon.

In conclusion, there isn’t any fixed formulae when it comes to producing successful TV shows year after year; nevertheless quality writing tends not disappoint loyal viewers while engaging new ones simultaneously!




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