Netflix October 2015: 7 Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows

Are you looking for something to watch on Netflix this October? Look no further! I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for years and I’m the go-to person in my household for finding great things to watch. After hours of scrolling through their catalog, I’ve come up with a list of 7 amazing movies and TV shows that are perfect to cozy up and binge on while you enjoy the fall weather.

From heartfelt romantic comedies, computer animation classics, drama series, cult favorites, and even an all-time classic – this list has it all! Allowing you to explore different genres without having to endure too many bad recommendations. So if you’re ready to find out what’s hot on Netflix this month – let’s get started!

Understanding Netflix’s October 2015 Lineup

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide. With its vast collection of movies and TV shows, it has become a staple in many households. In October 2015, Netflix announced an exciting lineup that had fans eagerly anticipating their next binge-watch session.

The first standout title was “Beasts of No Nation,” directed by Cary Fukunaga. The film follows Agu, a young boy from West Africa who becomes a child soldier under the command of a brutal warlord played by Idris Elba. This movie provided viewers with an intense look at the effects of war on children and received critical acclaim for its powerful performances and cinematography.

Another highly anticipated release was Marvel’s “Jessica Jones.” Starring Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, this series followed the titular character as she tried to rebuild her life after experiencing trauma caused by Kilgrave (David Tennant), a mind-controlling villain. The show tackled themes such as PTSD and abuse while still delivering thrilling action scenes that left audiences on the edge of their seats.

Finally, fans were excited about the release of “Master of None,” Aziz Ansari’s comedy-drama series that explores topics such as race, relationships, and generational differences through his character Dev Shah’s experiences living in New York City. The show offered insightful commentary while maintaining humor throughout each episode.

In conclusion, Netflix’s October 2015 lineup did not disappoint viewers with its diverse range of titles across various genres. From heart-wrenching dramas to thrilling superhero series to insightful comedies- there was something for everyone to enjoy during this month. It is no wonder why Netflix remains one of the top contenders in providing quality entertainment for all ages!

Exploring the Top TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in October 2015

Netflix has become a staple in many households, offering an abundance of TV shows and movies for viewers to enjoy. As we approach October 2015, it’s worth exploring the top TV shows available on Netflix that are sure to provide entertainment and excitement.

First on the list is “Narcos,” which chronicles the rise of Pablo Escobar and his drug empire in Colombia during the 1980s. This gripping drama series delves into Escobar’s personal life as well as his interactions with law enforcement officials trying to bring him down. The show has received critical acclaim for its strong acting performances and realistic portrayal of one of history’s most notorious criminals.

Another popular TV show on Netflix is “Jessica Jones,” based on the Marvel Comics character. This superhero series follows Jessica Jones, a former superhero who now runs her own private investigation firm after experiencing trauma at the hands of another villainous figure. The show tackles themes such as PTSD, addiction, and abuse while also delivering thrilling action sequences.

Lastly, fans of horror should check out “American Horror Story.” Each season takes place in a new location with new characters and plotlines but features familiar faces from previous seasons. With a talented cast including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lady Gaga in later seasons, this anthology series explores dark themes such as murder, insanity, witchcraft, and supernatural happenings.

In conclusion, there are plenty of top TV shows to watch on Netflix this October 2015 that cater to different interests. Whether you’re looking for a drama like Narcos or action-packed superhero thrills like Jessica Jones; or prefer some horror scares like American Horror Story- there’s something for everyone! So grab your popcorn (and maybe some Halloween candy too) – it’s time to stream away!

Diving into Must-Watch Movies on Netflix for October 2015

Netflix is an incredible source of entertainment for movie buffs around the globe. It has changed the game when it comes to streaming movies and television shows, making it easier than ever before to watch all your favorite flicks right from home. Every month, Netflix adds new releases to their extensive library of films, and October 2015 is no exception.

One must-watch movie on Netflix this October is “The Princess Bride.” This classic adventure-comedy film was released in 1987 and received a lot of critical acclaim at the time. Directed by Rob Reiner, “The Princess Bride” tells the story of a young woman named Buttercup who falls in love with her farmhand Westley but then believes he dies while seeking his fortune abroad. Years later, Buttercup finds herself engaged to Prince Humperdinck but kidnapped by three men who have plans of their own for her future.

Another great pick for October is “Nightcrawler,” directed by Dan Gilroy and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This crime thriller follows Lou Bloom as he becomes involved in underground journalism after being attracted to its fast-paced lifestyle. With each job that Lou takes on, he becomes increasingly desperate and willing to do whatever it takes – even if that means breaking laws or putting others in danger – all in pursuit of success.

Finally, fans of horror will be delighted with Netflix’s release of “Horns,” directed by Alexandre Aja and based on Joe Hill’s novel. Ig Perrish (played by Daniel Radcliffe) wakes up one day with horns growing out of his head after his girlfriend mysteriously died a year ago. The horns give him supernatural powers that help him uncover the truth about what happened to his beloved partner while also causing people around him to reveal their darkest secrets.

In conclusion, whether you’re into comedy-adventures like “The Princess Bride,” crime-thrillers like “Nightcrawler,” or horror gems like “Horns,” Netflix has got you covered this October. So grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready to be entertained!

Notable Standouts from the October 2015 Netflix Selections

Netflix is a true blessing when it comes to entertaining ourselves. It provides us with numerous TV shows and movies that we can binge-watch alone or with our friends and family. Netflix’s October 2015 selection was no exception, as it featured some incredible content that left many people glued to their screens.

One standout from the October 2015 selection was “Master of None,” a hilarious yet thought-provoking comedy-drama series created by Aziz Ansari. The show follows the life of Dev Shah (played by Ansari), a struggling actor living in New York City, as he navigates his way through various personal and professional challenges. What makes this show so unique is how relatable it is for millennials who are trying to figure out their lives while dealing with societal pressures; something which almost everyone can relate to on some level.

Another great addition to the October 2015 Netflix lineup was “Beasts of No Nation.” This movie tells the story of Agu, a young boy in West Africa whose world is turned upside down when his community falls victim to civil war. Idris Elba plays Commandant, the leader of a group of child soldiers who take Agu under their wing. This movie brilliantly exposes the harsh realities facing children caught in conflicts around the world today and leaves an unforgettable impression on its viewers.

Finally, “The Returned” also stood out among Netflix’s October 2015 selections- an eerie French supernatural drama series set in an isolated mountain town where dead people begin reappearing without warning years after they died. The show explores themes like love, loss, grief and how death has impacted different characters’ lives over time creating haunting but memorable visuals throughout every episode.

Overall, Netflix’s selections for October 2015 were quite impressive as they presented viewers with various genres ranging from comedy-dramas , heart-wrenching dramas centering around real-world issues such as war or death all while keeping us engaged with their unique and captivating storytelling methods.

Underrated Gems Worth Watching on Netflix in October 2015

Netflix has been a game changer in the entertainment industry since its inception. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our lives without this streaming platform. With a vast library of TV shows and movies at our fingertips, we often find ourselves scrolling through endless pages trying to decide what to watch next. However, there are some hidden gems on Netflix that have gone unnoticed and unappreciated by viewers. In this article, we will explore some of these underrated shows worth watching on Netflix in October 2015.

First up is “Lovesick,” previously known as “Scrotal Recall.” This British comedy-drama revolves around Dylan (Johnny Flynn), who discovers he has chlamydia and must track down his former sexual partners to inform them about the infection. Each episode follows Dylan’s journey into his past relationships with flashbacks that slowly reveal why they ended. The show takes an honest approach towards love and sex, highlighting the awkwardness and vulnerability that comes with dating while also portraying the beauty of human connection.

Next on our list is “Master of None,” created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. This critically acclaimed show follows Dev (Aziz Ansari), an actor living in New York City who tries to navigate his personal life while dealing with career challenges and cultural differences as a first-generation American. The show explores various themes such as friendship, family, dating culture, immigrant experiences, race issues among others making it relatable for many people across cultures.

Lastly but not least is “The End Of The F***ing World”. Based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel series of the same name; this dark comedy drama follows two teenagers James (Alex Lawther) -a self-diagnosed psychopath- & Alyssa(Jessica Barden)-a fearless yet troubled girl- embarking upon a road trip together which turns out way more dangerous than expected.The impeccable storytelling structure alongwith brilliant acting makes it a must-watch.

In conclusion, these underrated gems on Netflix in October 2015 are worth watching for anyone looking for something new and refreshing to watch. Whether it’s the relatable themes of “Master of None,” the awkward yet endearing love story of “Lovesick,” or the twisted road trip journey in “The End Of The F***ing World”; there’s something here for everyone. So, get your popcorn ready and prepare to binge-watch!




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