What to Watch Now on Netflix: The Best of November 2016

Do you need some help deciding what to watch on Netflix this month? With so much content out there, it can be nearly impossible to decide how to spend your time! Well, I’m here with the inside scoop about the best films and shows that just premiered on Netflix in November.

I have been researching and keeping up with all of Netflix’s new releases for months, so trust me when I say that I know a thing or two about their content selection. In this article, we’ll explore why each of these series or films are worth checking out. You can also rest assured knowing that no matter what type of genre you’re into – from comedy to drama – there is something for everyone this month! So grab your popcorn and get ready to find out which movies you should add to your watchlist today!

New Releases: What’s New on Netflix November 2016

Netflix has released a slew of new shows and movies for viewers to enjoy in November 2016. Among the many highlights, one of the most anticipated releases is “The Crown,” a historical drama about Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne. This series offers an intimate look into her personal relationships as well as her political duties. The show has been praised for its stunning set design, costuming and acting performances.

Another exciting addition is “Lovesick,” a British comedy that follows Dylan as he revisits past relationships while also trying to move on from them. The show offers a unique perspective on dating and relationships that will leave audiences laughing throughout each episode.

For those looking for more action-packed dramas, Netflix has also added “The Siege of Jadotville” which depicts an Irish army unit’s defense against Congolese militants during the United Nations intervention in Katanga in 1961. Featuring intense battle scenes and strong performances by Jamie Dornan and Mark Strong, this movie is sure to keep audiences engaged from beginning to end.

Netflix continues its tradition of providing diverse content with these new releases – ranging from romantic comedies all the way through gritty war films – there is something for everyone! Plus given Netflix’s reputation for creating high-quality productions, it’s no wonder that so many people are excited about their latest offerings.

Overall, Netflix always seems to deliver great quality programming (even though it may be hit or miss at times). If you’re looking for something new (or even if you just want some background noise while doing laundry), these three additions should definitely be at the top of your queue!

Highly Anticipated Original Series to Stream in November 2016

November 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting time for television fans. Several highly anticipated original series are set to debut on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. These shows promise to deliver compelling storylines, intriguing characters and stunning visuals that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

One of the most eagerly awaited shows is The Crown, a lavish historical drama that explores the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The show boasts an impressive cast including Claire Foy as the young queen and Matt Smith as her husband Prince Philip. Viewers can expect sweeping cinematography, intricate period costumes and detailed sets that transport them back in time to post-war Britain. With its mix of political intrigue, personal drama and royal scandals, The Crown promises to be one of the standout series of 2016.

Also debuting in November is Good Behavior on TNT network which tells the story of Letty Raines (Michelle Dockery), a con artist recently released from prison who tries to get her life back on track only for old habits die hard and she ends up stealing again–only this time it’s from a hitman named Javier (Juan Diego Botto). As Letty tries desperately not only avoid getting caught but also navigate through her own addiction problems she becomes emotionally involved with Javier leading both into dangerous situations for different reasons altogether.

Another show worth checking out in November is Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on BBC America: Based off a novel written by Hitchhikers Guide To Galaxy author Douglas Adams–this quirky detective show follows eccentric sleuth Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and his reluctant protege Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood) as they attempt solve various interconnected crimes throughout Seattle while dealing with supernatural forces beyond their understanding along with other weirdness they encounter along way.
With all these exciting new releases coming soon there’s no doubt that TV lovers will have plenty to look forward come next month. Whether you’re a history buff, crime lover or just looking for something a little bit different, there’s sure to be something on offer that will satisfy your cravings and provide hours of entertainment. So sit back, relax and get ready to binge-watch!

Top Movies Hitting Netflix This Month

Netflix is always adding new and exciting content, and this month is no exception. There are some amazing movies coming to the streaming platform that you won’t want to miss. From classic favorites to brand new releases, there’s something for everyone.

First up on the list of must-see movies is the beloved 90s rom-com “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” starring Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney. This movie tells the story of a woman who realizes she might be in love with her best friend just as he announces his engagement to someone else. It’s a funny, heartwarming film that will have you singing along to its iconic soundtrack.

Next, we have “The Devil All The Time,” a dark thriller set in rural Ohio during the 1960s. Starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, this film follows several interconnected characters as they confront their own demons while grappling with corruption, violence, and religion. It’s an intense ride that will keep you on edge until its shocking conclusion.

Finally, we can’t forget about one of Netflix’s most anticipated releases of the year – “Enola Holmes.” This movie stars Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, sister to famous detective Sherlock Holmes (played by Henry Cavill). When her mother goes missing on Enola’s sixteenth birthday, she sets out on her own adventure to find her – all while evading danger and proving herself just as capable as any man in Victorian England.

Overall, these three movies are just a taste of what Netflix has in store this month – but they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some quality entertainment from home!

Best Documentaries Added for Your Binge-Watching Pleasure

If you’re someone who loves to watch documentaries, then this list of the best documentaries is a must-read! We’ve curated some of the most interesting and thought-provoking documentaries that will leave you feeling engrossed and enlightened. So, grab your popcorns and get ready for some binge-watching!

First on our list is “The Social Dilemma.” This documentary reveals how social media platforms manipulate human behavior for profit. It explores how these sites use algorithms to keep users engaged, leading to addiction and mental health issues. The experts in the film explain that advertisers are often more interested in user data than selling products- an eye-opener for many viewers. With gripping interviews by former tech insiders and Silicon Valley whistleblowers, “The Social Dilemma” will make you think twice before scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Next up is “Wild Wild Country,” a six-part docu-series about cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s attempt to create his utopian city in rural Oregon during the 1980s. The series shows how Rajneesh’s followers clash with locals over land use laws before things take a dark turn when they launch bioterrorism attacks against their neighbors. The story has everything: power struggles, sex scandals, spiritual enlightenment gone awry – making it an intense watch from beginning to end.

Finally, we have “My Octopus Teacher.” This beautiful documentary follows filmmaker Craig Foster as he develops an unlikely friendship with an octopus living off South Africa’s coastlines. Through stunning underwater footage, we see Foster observe her daily routines while gaining insight into his own life as well- taking us on a touching emotional journey throughout his experiences bonding with this intelligent creature.

In conclusion, there are so many fascinating documentaries out there waiting to be discovered by curious minds like yours- These three recommendations are just scratching the surface! Whether you want something educational or entertaining or both at once, these documentaries offer something for everyone. Happy watching!

Must-Watch TV Shows Making Their Way to Netflix in November

As we enter into a new month, Netflix is bringing in some amazing TV shows that will make you forget about the pandemic and spend hours binge-watching with your loved ones. November promises to be an exciting month for all the streaming enthusiasts out there, as Netflix has announced numerous must-watch TV shows coming up this season.

First on this list of must-watch TV shows is ‘The Crown.’ Set to release its fourth season soon, ‘The Crown’ tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from her early days as a newlywed princess to now being the longest-reigning monarch in British history. The new season will cover major events like Lady Diana Spencer’s introduction and marriage to Prince Charles, which will no doubt keep audiences glued to their screens.

Next up is ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, based on Walter Tevis’ 1983 novel of the same name. This mini-series follows a young orphaned girl named Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), who discovers she has an incredible talent for chess – something rare for girls at that time. As she progresses towards becoming one of the world’s best chess players while battling personal demons, viewers are taken on an emotional journey through her life.

Lastly, don’t miss out on ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet.’ If you’re looking for some light-hearted laughs and witty commentary combined with B movies – then look no further than MST3K! With six cheesy films lined-up back-to-back where our beloved host Jonah Ray navigates through them along with his robotic companions Crow and Tom Servo – it makes for perfect entertainment during lockdowns!

So why not grab some popcorn or snuggle up under a cozy blanket because these three TV shows are definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for quality programming that both entertains and educates.




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