What’s On Netflix? An Essential Guide to the Best Movies and Shows

Do you love kicking back on the couch and streaming your favorite movies and shows? Are you looking for something new to watch but feeling overwhelmed by all the options on Netflix? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

I’ve been a loyal Netflix fan for years. In this guide, I’ll share with you my personal picks of the best movies and shows currently available. From cult classics like The Princess Bride to brand new series like Emily in Paris; together we’ll explore an array of genres that are sure to keep everyone entertained! So grab some popcorn and let’s get started!

Top Trending Netflix Originals for Your Watchlist

Netflix has been producing original content since 2013, and in recent years it has become a leading platform for home entertainment. From critically acclaimed dramas to binge-worthy comedies, there’s no shortage of quality programming on this streaming service. Here are some trending Netflix Originals that you should add to your watchlist.

First up is “Stranger Things,” a sci-fi horror series set in the ’80s that follows a group of kids as they uncover supernatural secrets in their small town. This show has taken the world by storm with its nostalgia-inducing soundtrack and gripping storyline. With three seasons already available, fans can’t wait for season four which promises to be just as exciting.

Next on our list is “The Crown,” an award-winning biographical drama about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from her early years as monarch to present day. The show explores the political and personal struggles faced by the royal family throughout history while showcasing stunning sets and costumes that transport viewers into another era.

Last but not least is “Bridgerton,” a period drama set during Regency-era London following the lives of wealthy families trying to find love and navigate social hierarchies. The show puts a modern spin on classic tropes while retaining all the lavish spectacle associated with period pieces like this one. Fans have praised its diverse cast and steamy romance scenes making it one of Netflix’s most-watched shows over Christmas break.

In conclusion, these Netflix Originals are must-watch shows because they offer something unique for everyone – whether you’re into science fiction or historical dramas or romantic encounters–there’s truly something here for every viewer! So why not add them all to your watchlist today?

The Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing evening spent binge-watching your favorite TV shows. Luckily, with streaming services like Netflix, you don’t have to wait for new episodes to air or worry about missing an episode – it’s all right there at your fingertips. So what are the best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now? Let’s dive in.

First up is “Stranger Things,” a sci-fi/horror series set in the 1980s that has captured audiences worldwide. With its perfectly curated soundtrack and nods to classic movies like “E.T.” and “Stand By Me,” this show is both nostalgic and thrilling. The cast of young actors, led by Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, bring heart to the story while still managing to deliver some seriously creepy moments. If you haven’t seen it yet, now is definitely the time.

Another standout show on Netflix is “The Crown,” a historical drama centered around Queen Elizabeth II and her reign from 1947 onward. The production value of this show is top notch – from costumes to sets to cinematography – making it feel almost cinematic at times. But what really keeps viewers coming back season after season is the incredible performances from Claire Foy (in seasons one and two) and Olivia Colman (in seasons three and four), who both manage to portray Queen Elizabeth with depth and nuance.

Last but not least on our list of must-watch TV shows on Netflix is “The Haunting of Hill House.” This horror series follows a family who grew up in a haunted mansion that sends them reeling even years later. It’s not only genuinely terrifying; as viewers we’re drawn into deeply human stories about grief, addiction, mental health struggles, sibling bonding/crisis/melancholy etc., told through complex characters played by an excellent cast including Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”), Carla Gugino (“Sin City”) and Victoria Pedretti (“You”). There’s also an element of puzzle-solving here that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Overall, whether you’re in the mood for sci-fi, drama, or horror (or a little bit of all three), there are plenty of fantastic TV shows streaming on Netflix right now to keep you entertained for hours on end. So grab some popcorn and get ready to dive into a new binge-watch session!

Must-Watch Classic Movies Available on Netflix

Are you a fan of classic movies but don’t know where to find them? Look no further than Netflix! The streaming giant has an extensive library of timeless films that are just waiting for you to discover. Here are three must-watch classics that are available on Netflix right now.

First up is the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind.” This epic romantic drama tells the story of Scarlett O’Hara (played by Vivien Leigh) and her struggles during the Civil War era in America. With stunning cinematography, memorable performances, and a sweeping score, “Gone with the Wind” remains one of Hollywood’s most enduring classics. It’s a must-see for any cinephile who wants to delve into cinema history.

Another essential classic available on Netflix is Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 thriller “Vertigo.” Starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak, this psychological mystery follows ex-police detective John Ferguson as he investigates a woman claiming to be possessed by her ancestor. As he delves deeper into the case, he begins to lose his grip on reality. With its haunting score and jaw-dropping visuals, “Vertigo” is simply unforgettable.

Finally, we have Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 satirical masterpiece “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” A dark comedy about nuclear war between Russia and America, this film features Peter Sellers in multiple roles alongside George C. Scott as General Buck Turgidson. Its biting wit still resonates today – it was even recently cited as inspiration for director Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit – making it another essential watch from Netflix’s classic collection.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and settle in for an evening of timeless entertainment with these incredible classics now streaming on Netflix!

Binge-worthy Netflix Reality Shows and Documentaries

In a world where streaming platforms have become one of the most popular sources of entertainment, Netflix has taken the lead in providing viewers with an array of reality shows and documentaries. From heart-wrenching stories to light-hearted comedies, there’s something for everyone.

One binge-worthy series that has recently caught my attention is “Cheer.” This documentary-style show follows a group of young cheerleaders as they train to compete at the national level. It not only sheds light on how physically demanding cheerleading can be but also showcases the emotional bonds formed between teammates. The show’s production value is top-notch, making it easy to get emotionally invested in each character’s journey. “Cheer” is perfect for those who want a glimpse into what goes on behind-the-scenes in competitive sports.

For those looking more towards reality TV, I highly recommend “Queer Eye.” This rebooted version of the early 2000s hit show sees five gay men with different areas of expertise (fashion, grooming, home design, food and wine) transform people’s lives in unexpected ways. It strikes just the right balance between wholesome moments and comedic relief – plus it’s always great watching someone receive a confidence boost from new clothes or a revamped living space!

Finally, if you’re looking for something more thought-provoking than entertaining,”The Social Dilemma” offers insight into how social media companies manipulate their users’ behavior through algorithms designed to keep us hooked on their platforms. This eye-opening documentary features interviews with experts who worked at major tech companies like Google and Facebook before leaving due to ethical concerns about how these sites were being used by themselves and others alike.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for drama-packed reality shows or insightful documentaries that make you think twice about your everyday habits – Netflix has got you covered! With so many options available across multiple genres,it’s no wonder why Netflix continues to reign supreme when it comes to streaming platforms.

Hidden Gems and Underrated Content to Discover on Netflix

Netflix is a trove of entertainment, with countless movies and TV shows available at the click of a button. However, sometimes the most enjoyable content on Netflix can be found in unexpected places. These hidden gems and underrated titles are often overlooked but deserve to be discovered by viewers who crave something unique and fresh.

One such hidden gem is “Peaky Blinders,” a British crime drama set in 1920s Birmingham. The show follows the exploits of the Shelby family as they navigate their way through the criminal underworld while contending with rival gangs, corrupt officials, and personal demons. The writing is sharp, the cinematography striking, and Cillian Murphy’s performance as Tommy Shelby is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Another underrated title on Netflix is “Dark,” a German sci-fi series that explores time travel and multiple dimensions. As strange occurrences plague residents of a small town, secrets from past generations begin to unravel in unexpected ways. The show’s intricate plotting rewards attentive viewers who enjoy piecing together clues to solve mysteries.

Finally, for comedy lovers looking for something offbeat yet charming, there’s “The Good Place.” This quirky sitcom takes place in an afterlife where characters must come to terms with their actions on earth while adjusting to living in an idyllic community run by an enigmatic architect played by Ted Danson. The show’s clever humor ranges from irreverent jokes about philosophy to heartfelt moments of self-discovery.

In conclusion, while it can be tempting to stick with tried-and-true favorites when browsing Netflix for entertainment options – it can also be rewarding discovering new content that may not have initially caught your attention but has become top-rated video streaming services ‘hidden gems’. Whether it’s Peaky Blinders’ gripping drama or Dark’s mind-bending mystery or “The Good Place” zany comedy – these undervalued programs provide audiences with fresh perspectives on familiar genres or entirely novel storytelling experiences worth exploring. So, take a chance on something new and discover the treasures Netflix has to offer.




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