A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming to Netflix in June 2017

Excited for a fresh batch of new movies and shows to watch? We’ve got you covered! I have been researching and studying the upcoming releases on Netflix for June 2017, so that you don’t have to. You can be sure that all of the films listed here are worth your time – no more wasting hours scrolling through titles without anything good popping up. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready for an exciting month of programming.

In this article, I will be taking you through the newest films and series coming to Netflix in June 2017. All these categories from dramas to comedies will be discussed in detail so you can make informed decisions about what’s worth watching each night during this month ahead. It doesn’t matter if it’s something classic or brand new- I’ll tell you everything there is know so that you can pick out just what suits your viewing preferences best! So let’s dive right into Netflix’s summer lineup!

New Original Series and Movies Premiering in June 2017

June is a month of entertainment for all the movie buffs and series enthusiasts out there. With so much new content premiering, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones to watch. However, fear not! I have done some research on what’s coming up this June and compiled a list of must-watch originals.

First up, we have the highly anticipated Netflix original “GLOW.” This series follows the fictional story of Ruth Wilder (played by Alison Brie) who auditions for an all-female wrestling TV show in Los Angeles during the 1980s. The plot explores themes like friendship, sexism in Hollywood, and personal struggles while also incorporating humor and action-packed wrestling scenes. It’s sure to capture your attention from beginning to end with its unique storyline.

Next on our list is “Okja,” a South Korean-American film directed by Bong Joon-ho that will premiere exclusively on Netflix. The plot revolves around a young girl named Mija (played by Ahn Seo-hyun) who tries to protect her pet Okja –a genetically modified super pig– from being taken away by a multinational corporation led by Lucy Mirando (played by Tilda Swinton). The film also features actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano making it one not only visually stunning but stacked full of accomplished actors.

Last but certainly not least is “The Mist,” an upcoming American television series based on Stephen King’s novella of the same name. In this adaptation, we see how inhabitants react when their small town becomes covered in an eerie mist filled with deadly creatures after a mysterious experiment gone wrong at nearby military base leaks into their homes. With suspenseful music scores and impressive visual effects that take you straight into horror mode; “The Mist” promises viewers thrill after thrill as they try to survive in this dangerous world.

There you have it folks; my top three recommendations for those seeking thrilling and engaging entertainment for the month of June. These releases are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, begging for more. Happy viewing!

The Return of Popular Netflix Original Series

Netflix has been the home of some of the most iconic TV series since its inception. From House of Cards to Stranger Things, they’ve provided us with an array of shows to binge-watch and obsess over. The streaming giant’s recent announcement about the return of their popular original series is sure to excite fans all around the world.

One such show that’s making a comeback is ‘Ozark,’ which follows a family moving from Chicago to Missouri, where they get involved in money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. This thrilling drama keeps you on edge throughout its three seasons, and we can’t wait for what’s in store next. Season 4 promises even more twists and turns as Marty Byrde attempts to keep his family alive while navigating dangerous criminal enterprises.

Another fan-favorite returning soon is ‘Stranger Things.’ The sci-fi thriller set in the ’80s takes us on a journey through supernatural events occurring in Hawkins, Indiana. The upcoming season will be set during Thanksgiving 1985 but promises much darker themes than previous seasons did; we’re excitedly anticipating how our favorite group of kids will deal with this new evil entity threatening their town.

Lastly, Netflix announced that one-hit wonder ‘Master Of None’ will finally return after four long years for its third season titled “Moments In Love.” Co-created by comedian Aziz Ansari and writer Alan Yang, it follows Dev Shah (played by Ansari), an Indian-American actor living in New York City trying to balance work and personal life. We’ll see Denise (played by Lena Waithe) take center stage this time as she deals with love and marriage.

In conclusion, Netflix never disappoints when providing entertainment that we didn’t even know we needed until it’s right there on our screens – especially now with these beloved original shows returning shortly! From nail-biting dramas like Ozark to nostalgic sci-fi adventures like Stranger Things; every episode has the potential to leave us at the edge of our seats. So let’s gear up and get ready for another round of thrilling storytelling on Netflix!

Documentaries and Stand-Up Comedy Specials to Look Forward To

If you’re a fan of documentaries or stand-up comedy specials, then get ready to be excited! There are plenty of new releases coming out soon that are sure to tickle your fancy. From thought-provoking documentaries to laugh-out-loud comedy shows, there’s something for everyone.

First up on the list is a highly anticipated documentary called “The Social Dilemma,” which delves into the dark side of social media and its impact on society. This eye-opening film will explore how our addiction to technology has led us down a dangerous path where our personal data is being collected and used against us. It features interviews with tech insiders who reveal the truth behind the algorithms that keep us hooked and offer ways we can take back control.

In terms of stand-up comedy specials, one upcoming release that has everyone talking is “Bo Burnham: Inside,” which promises to be an innovative and hilarious show like no other. Shot entirely in his home during quarantine, it’s been described as equal parts surreal, introspective, and absurd – all while delivering Bo Burnham’s trademark wit and incisive commentary on modern life.

Last but not least is “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry,” a documentary about the young pop sensation that provides insight into her meteoric rise from bedroom singer-songwriter to global superstar. With never-before-seen footage capturing intimate moments with her family as well as compelling concert performances around the world, this movie promises an emotional journey through Billie Eilish’s artistic process.

So there you have it – three exciting releases in both documentary and stand-up comedy spaces worth looking forward to. Whether you’re interested in exploring societal issues brought about by technology or just need a good laugh after months of being cooped up at home, these titles are sure to satisfy your craving for quality content.

Family-Friendly Content Arriving on Netflix in June 2017

Netflix has become a staple in many households around the world. With its extensive library of movies and TV shows, there is always something for everyone to watch. However, not all content on Netflix is appropriate for families with young children. That’s why it’s great news that family-friendly content will be arriving on Netflix in June 2017.

Firstly, one of the new arrivals on Netflix this month is “Moana”. This Disney movie was released last year and quickly became a hit with audiences of all ages. “Moana” tells the story of a young girl who sets out to save her island from destruction by finding demigod Maui and returning the heart of Te Fiti – an ancient goddess – which was stolen years ago.

Another exciting addition to the family-friendly offerings on Netflix this June is “The Secret Life of Pets”. This hilarious animated movie follows the adventures (and misadventures) of pets while their owners are away at work during the day. The plot revolves around Max, a pampered terrier whose life gets turned upside down when his owner brings home Duke – a giant Newfoundland dog who he doesn’t like at first.

Finally, fans of classic cartoons will be happy to know that “Scooby-Doo” will also be available on Netflix starting in June. All episodes from various incarnations throughout several decades will be added to their streaming service so you can enjoy hours upon hours watching these beloved characters solve mysteries together.

To sum up, having kid-friendly options available means parents can breathe easier knowing they have more choices for what their kids can watch without worrying about inappropriate language or adult themes within shows or movies meant for adults only. By including top-notch entertainment like Moana, The Secret Life Of Pets, and Scooby-Doo classics into its lineup this month alone gives us viewers confidence that there’s always quality programming for every member present in our household through just one platform: Netflix!

Classic Films and Television Shows Added to the Lineup

As the world continues to evolve and technology advances, it’s easy to get lost in the frenzy of new releases and trendy shows. However, classic films and television shows provide an opportunity for viewers to travel back in time and experience a different era. It’s exciting news that streaming services are adding more classic content to their lineup.

Classic movies have always been popular because they offer a glimpse into different eras, cultures, and lifestyles. They present a certain charm that is often absent from modern films. These films tackled themes that were relevant at the time but still resonate with audiences today. Whether you’re watching Casablanca or The Wizard of Oz, these classics have stood the test of time for good reason.

Similarly, classic television shows are timeless gems worth revisiting. Shows like I Love Lucy or The Twilight Zone paved the way for modern sitcoms and dramas by introducing groundbreaking storytelling techniques that captivated audiences across generations. Watching old episodes transports us back to simpler times where family values reigned supreme on our screens.

For those who love nostalgia or want something out-of-the-ordinary, adding classic content could be just what you need! Plus, it’s enjoyable to see some familiar faces before they became famous such as Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday or Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire? Classic movies are also an excellent way for parents and grandparents to introduce their favorite childhood media to younger generations who may not have heard of them yet!

In conclusion, with streaming services continuing to add more oldies-but-goodies titles each year; there has never been a better time than now if you want this type of entertainment variety without having cable TV accessibilites either! Classic film fans will surely appreciate these additions while younger viewers can get hooked discovering larger-than-life stories from previous decades & centuries so easily available online today through various channels!




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