What to Watch on Netflix in February 2017: The Ultimate List

Are you looking for the best new shows and movies to watch on Netflix this month? With so much content coming and going, it can be hard to keep up with what’s really worth watching. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!
I have spent countless hours binge-watching my way through Netflix in order to bring you the ultimate list of must-watch TV series and films. Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy or an action thriller, this guide has something for everyone.
You can trust me – after all, I’m an experienced Netflixer who knows a thing or two about finding good entertainment! So sit back, relax and get ready to find out what gems await in February 2017!

New TV Shows Arriving on Netflix in February 2017

Netflix has become a global phenomenon, providing instant entertainment to millions of people worldwide. It is the go-to platform for streaming television shows and movies, and February 2017 brings a host of exciting new TV shows to add to your watchlist. The variety of content on offer caters to different tastes, ranging from drama-packed thrillers to lighthearted comedies.

Binge-watchers will be thrilled with the return of popular series like Chef’s Table: Season 3, which features more culinary brilliance and inspiration from some of the world’s best chefs. Meanwhile, Santa Clarita Diet: Season 1 starring Drew Barrymore promises an innovative blend of dark comedy horror with its unique plot that follows suburban couple Sheila (Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) as they navigate through their lives after Sheila begins exhibiting unusual symptoms that lead them down a path towards death – or something much worse.

If you’re looking for suspenseful dramas to keep you on edge, Netflix has got you covered too! In case you missed it when it originally aired on AMC in America last year; Better Call Saul: Season 2 comes streaming exclusively in February. This popular spinoff series focuses on Walter White’s former lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). The show’s second season sees him continue his journey toward becoming Breaking Bad’s sleazy criminal lawyer . Additionally Marvel’s Iron Fist is set make its debut this month – following Danny Rand who returns to New York City after being missing for years trying reconnecting with his past whilst fighting against corporate entities who threaten his city.

Overall there is no shortage when it comes variety this year; whether viewers are looking for intense dramas filled with action or fun comedies that will make them laugh out loud- Netflix certainly delivers in spades. With so many great options available at just one click away- get ready coz’ February gonna be one helluva ride!

Classic Movies and Documentaries to Watch Out For

If you are a fan of old movies, classic films or documentaries, there’s an endless supply of great titles to choose from. These flicks have withstood the test of time due to their captivating themes, exceptional storytelling and astonishing performances.

Firstly, if you love historical documentaries and want to learn more about world events – then “The Vietnam War” is a must-watch! This unique 10-episode series explores one of the most traumatic moments in American history by providing first-hand accounts from those who lived through it. It covers everything from the initial involvement by America’s military advisors all the way up until U.S. troops left Saigon for good in 1975.

Secondly, if you’re in the mood for some classic cinema – then check out “Gone With The Wind”. The film captures not only an era but also human nature at its best and worst. Set during Civil War-era Georgia, audiences follow Scarlett O’Hara as she falls deeply in love with Rhett Butler while trying desperately to save her family’s plantation amidst war-torn surroundings.

Lastly but definitely not least… If you’re looking for something that will tug on your emotions and provide valuable insight into what it means to be human – watch “The Joy Luck Club”. Based on Amy Tan’s novel about mother-daughter relationships between Chinese-American women living in San Francisco – this movie tells poignant stories that confront issues such as identity crisis’, cultural assimilation challenges and generational conflicts between immigrant parents and their American-born children.

In conclusion – whether you’re interested in learning more about history or simply want heartwarming entertainment delivered by talented actors; these movies will leave lasting impressions on anyone who watches them! So go ahead… start streaming these classics today!

Continuing Seasons of Popular Series Streaming This Month

Streaming services have become a staple in many households, especially during the pandemic. This month, several popular series are continuing their seasons on various streaming platforms. One of the most highly anticipated additions is “The Crown” season 4 on Netflix.

“The Crown” explores the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II from her early days as a newlywed to current times. The latest season introduces Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher to the storyline, providing viewers with new insight into two influential women who impacted British history greatly. Not only does this show provide historical context, but it also offers stunning cinematography and brilliant acting, making for an exciting binge-watch.

Another continuation worth noting is “This Is Us” season 5 on Hulu. This emotional drama follows a family through different stages of their lives as they navigate personal struggles and growth together. The latest season tackles timely topics such as racism and adoption while delving deeper into each character’s individual journey. With heartbreaking moments mixed with heartwarming scenes, “This Is Us” continues to draw in audiences worldwide.

Lastly, Amazon Prime Video’s hit superhero show “The Boys” releases its second season finale this month after receiving critical acclaim for its unique take on superheroes in modern society. This dark comedy follows a group of vigilantes who go up against corrupt superheroes controlled by powerful corporations – all while dealing with their own moral dilemmas along the way.

In conclusion, these popular series offer something for everyone: history buffs can delve into royal drama with “The Crown,” fans of emotional storytelling can follow “This Is Us,” while those looking for action-packed entertainment can tune into “The Boys.” With so much content available at our fingertips now more than ever before thanks to streaming services, there has never been a better time to dive into these incredible shows.

Netflix Originals Making Their Debut in February 2017

February is just around the corner, and with it comes a slew of new Netflix originals making their debut. From drama to comedy, there’s something for everyone this month on the streaming service.

First up is “Santa Clarita Diet,” a dark comedy starring Drew Barrymore as a suburban mom who suddenly develops an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Timothy Olyphant stars alongside her as her supportive but bewildered husband. With humor that’s both twisted and playful, this show promises to be unlike anything else currently on television.

Also premiering in February is “Ultimate Beastmaster,” a reality competition series hosted by none other than Sylvester Stallone. The show takes place across six countries and features competitors from all over the world competing in physical challenges designed to test their strength, agility, and endurance.

Finally, fans of Marvel superhero shows have reason to rejoice with the release of “Iron Fist.” This newest addition to the Marvel universe follows Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones), who returns home after spending years away mastering martial arts skills only he can wield. Upon his return, he finds himself drawn into corruption within his family’s company and must use his newfound abilities to uncover the truth.

So whether you’re looking for laughs or thrills this February, Netflix has you covered with these exciting new original series debuts. Don’t let winter get you down – sit back with some popcorn and enjoy all that streaming TV has to offer!

Valentine’s Day Themed Content to Stream with Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever to spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or newly dating, there are plenty of streaming options available to set the mood for this special day.

To start off, romantic comedies are always a go-to genre when it comes to Valentine’s Day themed content. From classics like “When Harry Met Sally” to newer films such as “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” these movies are perfect for cuddling up on the couch and enjoying some laughs together. If you’re looking for something a little different, try “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” This unique love story challenges our perceptions of time and memory while still delivering an emotional punch.

For those who want something more dramatic, consider watching a romance film that pulls at your heartstrings. Movies like “The Notebook” or “A Walk To Remember” may be considered cheesy by some but they never fail to make audiences cry their eyes out. Alternatively, foreign language films such as France’s “Amélie” or South Korea’s “The Handmaiden” offer fresh perspectives on love that will leave you feeling inspired.

If movies aren’t really your thing, don’t worry – there are still plenty of options available! Try streaming episodes from romantic TV series such as “This Is Us,” which explores various forms of love beyond just romantic relationships. For reality TV fans, shows like “Love Island” offer drama-filled entertainment that can spark interesting conversations among couples about communication and trust within relationships.

Overall, the key aspect is spending valuable time together – whether through watching movies or discussing new topics brought up by streamed television shows – making certain shared memories during Valentine’s day can bring nothing but warmth into any relationship. Don’t forget snacks; popcorns , pizza slices (heart-shaped ones if possible), drinks and any other snack that you both enjoy will add an extra touch of coziness to the day. So, set the mood with some dimly lit candles, cuddle up under a cozy blanket, and let your hearts flutter together as you stream Valentine’s Day themed content with your loved ones.




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