What’s Coming to Netflix in February 2018: A Guide for TV and Movie Lovers

Are you a TV and movie lover looking for the best new content coming to Netflix in February? Look no further! I’ve been researching upcoming titles and watching trailers so that I could bring you an up-to-date list of all the movies and shows being added this month. Whether you’re into comedy, drama, sci-fi or documentary, there’s something here for everyone!

So grab your popcorn, get comfortable on the couch, and let me fill you in on what Netflix will be bringing our way this February. We’ll explore new original series like ‘The Joel McHale Show’ as well as classic films like ‘Babe,’ ‘Groundhog Day,’ and more. You won’t want to miss out – join me now for a closer look at the great new movies & shows arriving soon!

Overview of New Releases in February 2018 on Netflix

February 2018 is an exciting month for Netflix enthusiasts, with a line-up of new releases that are set to keep us glued to our screens. Whether you’re into action-packed thrillers or romantic comedies, there’s something for everyone this February. Here is a breakdown of some of the most highly anticipated shows and movies.

First on the list is “Altered Carbon,” which promises to be one of the biggest sci-fi series in years. This show takes you to a world where people’s memories can be downloaded from their brains and reinserted into another body – even after death! The storyline follows a detective who has been brought back from “storage” to investigate a murder case. With stunning visuals and high-octane action scenes, Altered Carbon definitely looks like one not-to-be-missed series.

Another release that will have viewers hooked is Duncan Jones’ latest movie called “Mute.” Set in Berlin, Mute tells the story of Leo Beiler played by Alexander Skarsgard, who goes on a mission to find his missing girlfriend in this futuristic city while avoiding dangerous individuals along the way. What makes this movie unique is its silent protagonist; therefore it relies heavily on visual storytelling techniques instead of relying solely on dialogue.

Last but not least is season two of Marvel’s critically acclaimed “Jessica Jones,” starring Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones – A private investigator dealing with super-powered clients both good and evil alike- The upcoming season delves much deeper into Jessica’s origin story than before – revealing how she became gifted with her powers as well as giving insight into her traumatic past experiences which made her turn out the way she did.

Overall, Netflix seems set provide us all with some captivating entertainment throughout February 2018 across multiple genres suitable for different moods . So grab your popcorns , snuggle up under your favorite blanket and enjoy these fantastic releases .

Top TV Shows Arriving on Netflix in February 2018

February is going to be a great month for TV watching on Netflix. There are so many new shows coming out that it’s hard to know where to start! Here are just a few of the most anticipated releases.

First up, we have “Altered Carbon.” This show is set in the future, where people can transfer their consciousness from one body to another. The main character, Takeshi Kovacs, wakes up in a new body 250 years after his death and has to solve a murder mystery. The trailer looks really exciting – there are lots of cool sci-fi gadgets and action scenes. If you’re into futuristic thrillers, this is definitely one to watch.

Another interesting show coming out this month is “Everything Sucks!” which follows a group of high school misfits in 1996 Oregon as they navigate puberty, first love, and drama club auditions. It looks like it’s going to be funny and heartwarming at the same time – perfect for binging on Valentine’s Day with your significant other (or by yourself with some ice cream). Plus, who doesn’t love some good ’90s nostalgia?

Finally, we have “Seven Seconds,” which seems like it’ll be pretty intense. After an African-American teenager is hit by a white police officer in Jersey City, the boy’s family seeks justice while the cops try to cover up what happened. The story deals with themes of racism and corruption in law enforcement – heavy stuff but important topics nonetheless.

Overall February will bring diversity if you want something futuristic then Altered Carbon its right choice , for those looking back into past Everything Sucks brings us back memories around ’96 period combined humor touch . Finally Seven Seconds isn’t anything close lighthearted but more serious insight into social issues such as racism and corruption that remains prominent today .

I hope these recommendations help you decide what TV shows you want to check out this month on Netflix. Happy watching!

Most Anticipated Movies Coming to Netflix in February 2018

February is going to be a fantastic month for movie lovers, especially those who subscribe to Netflix. The streaming giant already has an impressive library of films and shows, but the month of February will see the addition of some highly anticipated titles that you won’t want to miss.

First on our list is “Altered Carbon,” which is set in a dystopian future where human consciousness can be stored digitally and death no longer means the end. Based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel, this science fiction series looks absolutely stunning and promises an intriguing storyline that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Another must-see film coming to Netflix in February 2018 is “Mute.” Directed by Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie), it takes place in a futuristic Berlin where a mute bartender goes on a mission to find his missing girlfriend. With stars like Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, and Alexander Skarsgård leading the cast, this movie looks like it’s going to be mind-blowing!

The third title we’re excited about is “Cabin Fever,” produced by horror legend Eli Roth. It tells the story of five college friends who go on vacation in an isolated cabin only to discover there are deadly viruses lurking around them. This gory remake promises plenty of scares and gore that horror fans love so much.

Of course, these are just three examples out of many movies coming out this February – including romantic comedies such as “When We First Met” or documentaries such as “Seeing Allred”. Nevertheless we believe they’re definitely worth checking out! Whether you’re into sci-fi dramas with stunning visuals or classic horror flicks filled with blood-curdling screams – there’s something for everyone! Make sure your queue up your next watch party soon!

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Titles to Look Out for This Month

Are you tired of seeing the same old popular movies and books recommended to you? Sometimes it’s nice to explore lesser-known titles that are just as worthy of your attention. This month, there are a few hidden gems that might surprise you.

First up is the book “The Lost Apothecary” by Sarah Penner. Set in present-day London and 18th-century England, this historical fiction novel tells the story of a secret apothecary where women could buy poisons to use against men who wronged them. When a young American woman stumbles upon this shop while on vacation, she becomes entangled in its dark past and secrets. With vivid descriptions and well-developed characters, “The Lost Apothecary” is a page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end.

If movies are more your thing, check out “Minari.” Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, this film follows a Korean-American family as they move from California to rural Arkansas to start their own farm in pursuit of the American Dream. The movie explores themes of family dynamics, cultural identity, and perseverance through adversity with heartwarming moments and poignant performances from its cast. “Minari” has received critical acclaim since its premiere at Sundance Film Festival last year and has been nominated for six Oscars.

For something completely different yet equally captivating, try playing the video game “Loop Hero.” Developed by Four Quarters Studio, this indie game combines roguelike dungeon-crawling elements with strategy gameplay where players create their own path for their hero character through an endless loop filled with monsters and obstacles. The pixel art style creates nostalgic feelings while also giving it modern flair.The gameplay is addictive due mainly because every run can be unique thanks to random generation mechanics around loot drops or enemy placement.

In conclusion

There are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered if one takes time exploring new options beyond what’s talked about heavily in the media. Be it a book, movie or game there is no shortage of options for those who are willing to try something new. Try out these titles this month and see what treasures you can unearth!

Returning Favorites and Season Premieres Airing on Netflix

As fall approaches, the anticipation for returning favorites and season premieres airing on Netflix is at an all-time high. With so many quality shows coming back, it’s hard to know where to start. One of the most highly anticipated returns is Stranger Things season four. This beloved series has captivated audiences with its mix of horror, nostalgia, and heartwarming moments.

Another must-watch show coming back this fall is The Crown season five. This historical drama has gained a massive following over the years for its incredible attention to detail and exceptional performances by its cast. Following the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her early reign in 1952 up until modern-day events, The Crown offers a fascinating look into one of the world’s most iconic figures.

Lastly, fans are eagerly awaiting Ozark season four which will be split into two parts totaling 14 episodes – a first for the series! This gritty crime drama follows a family who moves to Missouri after getting involved in money laundering schemes with dangerous drug cartels.

In conclusion, returning favorites and season premieres airing on Netflix promise an exciting fall lineup filled with suspenseful dramas and binge-worthy entertainment that we’ve come to love over time. From captivating storylines to outstanding performances by talented actors/actresses – there’s something here for everyone! Be sure not to miss these three amazing shows when they return soon!




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